Spark - Session 1

Below you will find links to download the worksheets and to view the videos for Session 1 of the Spark programme.

If you have any trouble accessing these materials or questions about the sessions,  please contact the SWAPWest office on 0141 564 7206 for assistance.

Session 1 - Worksheet A - About Me (2 pages)

Click the link below to download the "About Me" worksheets. They are designed to be printed on a single sheet of A4 paper (back and front), then folded to A5 size to make a booklet

This exercise is especially  n<session_1___worksheet_b_p2.jpg> useful in groups or in situations where the participants don't know each other very well. 

Download Worksheet A - About Me 

Contact the SWAPWest office on 0141 564 7206 or by email at to request further Guidance Notes to be emailed to you.

Session 1 - Worksheet B - College Quiz
Click the link below to download the College Quiz worksheet.  It is a True-False quiz and should take just a few minutes to complete.

You may use the worksheet as a guide for discussion about each question, or print it out and complete it as a written exercise.

Download Worksheet B - College Quiz

 <tfquiz_q01.jpg> Session 1 - Video - College Quiz 

After you have completed the College Quiz (or participated in a discussion about the questions), click the link below to view the video: 

View the College Quiz video

Contact the SWAPWest office on 0141 564 7206 for further Guidance Notes

 <session_1___worksheet_c.jpg> Session 1 - Worksheet C - Choose Video(s)

Participants may opt to watch all of the introduction videos or (especially if time is limited) to choose from the list on this worksheet. The second page of the worksheet provides space to jot down notes or questions that may arise as a result of watching the video(s).  (See below for links to the Introduction videos)

Download Worksheet C - Choose Videos 

Contact the SWAPWest office on 0141 564 7206 for further Guidance Notes

 <session_1___action_plan.jpg> Session 1 - Action Plan (Optional)

Some participants may require very little additional support in order to progress in education. Those who already have a course and/or college in mind may benefit from completing an Action Plan to focus their next steps, after which they may feel more able to get support directly from their college of choice.  They may also be referred directly to the SWAPWest office (0141 564 7206) for impartial information, guidance and advice.

Other participants may not yet feel ready to take action, in which case the Action Plan can be reserved for a future session.

Download the Action Plan


 <01_jade01a.jpg> JADE Jade is a 25-year-old single mum from Bridgeton. Jade believed that because she did not do very well in her school exams, she would not be able to get into college.  She is now thoroughly enjoying being a student at Clydebank College, studying Makeup Artistry.

Watch Jade's Introduction

 <01_gary01a.jpg> GARY 
Gary is a 38-year-old man from Easterhouse. He admits that he hated school and skipped as often as possible. After leaving school, he battled problems with addiction but is now in recovery and doing well.  He has studied for his ECDL and has achieved SVQs in Social Care through John Wheatley College.

Watch Gary's Introduction

 <01_maria01a.jpg> MARIA 
Maria is a 52-year-old married mother of two from Coatbridge. She had difficulties with writing and spelling, to the extent that she was not comfortable even writing out a birthday card for a friend. She got help from the Big Plus, then enrolled at Coatbridge College. She earned her HNC in Social Care and is now working in that field. 

Watch Maria's Introduction

 <01_regis01.jpg> REGIS 
Regis is a 38-year-old married father of two. He is originally from the Congo but has been in Scotland for many years. He graduated from Stow College with an HNC, and is now in his second year at the Open University. 

Watch Regis' Introduction

 <01_alex01b.jpg> ALEX 
Alex is a 45-year-old man from Drumchapel who has recently returned to formal education after a long absence. He really enjoys studying history and has achieved very good marks on his history essays. Alex is currently adding to his computing skills through the flexible learning provision at Anniesland College.

Watch Alex's Introduction

 <01_jackie01a.jpg> JACKIE 
Jackie lives and works in the Bridgeton/Dalmarnock area of Glasgow. She is a facilitator for the “Steps to Excellence” programme which is offered at Bridgeton Community Learning Campus. 

Watch Jackie's Introduction
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