Spark - Session 4

Choosing a Subject to Study

In this segment, the students talk about their chosen subject(s) and explain how they went about finding more information and selecting a college to attend. 

Watch Session 4 - Choosing a Subject 

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 <session_4___handout_a___college_contacts.jpg> Session 4 - Handout A - College Contact Details 

A handy reference to all colleges in the Greater Glasgow area, with post codes, telephone numbers and web addresses. 

Download Session 4 - Handout A - College Details

 <session_4___handout_b___prospectuses.jpg> Session 4 - Handout B - Prospectuses

A brief guide to prospectuses - what they are, how to get them and how to use them

Download Session 4 - Handout B - Prospectuses

 <session_4___worksheet_a___i_like....jpg> Session 4 - Worksheet A - I Like... 

If you're not quite sure exactly which course you would like to study, you may find it useful to discover which broad academic area you favour (e.g. Arts, Social Sciences, Sciences, I.T. or Engineering). 

Download Session 4 - Worksheet A - I Like... 

 <session_4___worksheet_b___choosing_a_subject.jpg> Session 4 - Worksheet B - Choosing a Subject

The SDS (Skills Development Scotland) web site called "My World of Work" offers a way to search for specific college courses offered at all colleges or at a particular college. You can also search for ILA Scotland courses that are available near you. 

This worksheet will show you the basics of performing a search, and you will find lots more interesting and useful information on the web site that can help you with your decisions. 

Download Session 4 - Worksheet B - Choosing a Subject 

Session 4 - Action Plan (Optional)

Some participants may be ready to take action at this point. Those who already have a course and/or college in mind may benefit from completing an Action Plan to focus their next steps, after which they may feel more able to get support directly from their college of choice.  They may also be referred directly to the SWAPWest office (0141 564 7206) for impartial information, guidance and advice.

Those who do not yet feel ready to take action can simply omit this step.

Download the Action Plan 
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