Spark - Session 5

 <filmstrip_3.jpg> Practical Steps: 
Applying, Interviewing and Finances

In this segment, Jade, Gary, Maria, Regis, Alex and Jackie talk about the process of applying to college, what the interviews are like and how they coped financially.  

Watch Session 5 - Practical Steps 

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 <session_5___handout___academic_year.jpg> Session 5 - Handout - Academic Year 

Wondering when to apply? Want to know when classes will start? This handout gives a general overview of the typical academic year. 

NB: Some colleges offer intake throughout the year, however, so it's worth contacting your college of choice to find out when you could begin studying.

Download Session 5 - Handout - Academic Year 

 <session_5___handout___finances.jpg> Session 5 - Handout - Finances 

The cost of studying may be far less than you would expect - many courses are free of charge, and you could qualify for a bursary or other student benefits. 

This handout offers very general information about finances but your local college can supply you with detailed information that pertains to your particular circumstances. 

Download Session 5 - Handout - Finances

Session 5 - Handout - How to apply

Every college is different, but every college application has a number of things in common. This handout provides general information about the application process. 

Download Session 5 - Handout - How to apply 

Session 5 - Action Plan 

Those who already have a course and/or college in mind may benefit from completing an Action Plan to focus their next steps, after which they may feel more able to get support directly from their college of choice.  They may also be referred directly to the SWAPWest office (0141 564 7206) for impartial information, guidance and advice.

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