SWAP students deliver health promotion campaign at West College Scotland
 <west_college_health.jpg> At WCS Greenock, our Access to Nursing students have been busy delivering Health Promotion campaigns as part of their unit assessment. Students were responsible for their choice of topic, research and method of delivery and it's a great way to showcase learning and share knowledge.

Topics included 'Suicide Awareness', 'Oral Health for Children', 'Essential Skills for Young Families', 'Keep Calm and Beat Diabetes' and 'Domestic Abuse Awareness'. We had sensory games, mindfulness activities, teeth with blue dye, a sugar content quiz, a messy play table, a lovely snack table, stress reducing activities, Tik Toks, bubbles and more. It was a great day and many thanks to WCS tutor Vivian Young and to all the students who took part.
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