SWAPWest SCIO governance

Scottish Wider Access Programme (West) SCIO Scottish Charity Number SC048288 is a partnership of Colleges and Universities. We are governed by our constitution approved by our members.

Our members meet annually at our Annual General Meeting, appointing our Board, who meet regularly to consider the strategic development of SWAPWest.

At our AGM on 11th December 2020, we launched our new online Annual Report. Please note that the link is through to our moodle page. The report can be accessed as a guest. No password is required.

We paid special tribute to our network of tutors who worked so hard this year to support our students. 

We welcome contributions from members. Please contact the SWAPWest office for further infomation.


New online SWAPWest Annual Report

SWAPWest Annual Report 2019-20 

Annual trustees report and finacial statement

Scottish Wider Access Programme (West) SCIO annual accounts 2019 - 20




Annual Report


Annual trustees report and financial statements


AGM minutes

Approved: SWAPWest minutes 6th December 2019

Approved: swap_minutes_agm_15th_feb_2019.pdf

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