SWAP Mahara

Welcome to SWAP Mahara

Mahara is an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) system with social networking features. It has been described as a sort of "digital three-ring binder". It is designed to allow you to collect evidence of work that you have completed and share your collection with selected people. Your collection may include:

  • text documents
  • multimedia files (videos, animations, etc.)
  • photographs, scans, cartoons, GIFs or other images
  • your own personal writings in the form of an online journal, message board conversations and simple web pages that you create

Your completed e-portfolio is portable; in other words, at the end of the year you will be able to export your collection to your own computer or memory stick and later upload it at your university (or use it on any other Mahara system). 

To register on SWAP Mahara, click the link (above, on the right, just below the password box) to register for your free student account. Please make a note of your selected username and password and keep this information safe and accessible. (Tip: email or text it to yourself to ensure that it's always handy.)

     Please note: For reasons of security, each request to join will be reviewed by a member of staff.

     You will be asked to give your reason for joining Mahara. Please respond to that question by

     supplying the name of the course and college that you have joined and your tutor's name.

     You must respond within 24 hours to the email confirmation that will be sent to you. If you fail to respond

      within 24 hours, you will have to submit your request again. 


  Important:  The information you enter on the Mahara pages you create is private and cannot be viewed by anyone else unless you choose to make it public or to share it with selected others.   



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Develop your portfolio

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Showcase your portfolio

Organise your portfolio into pages. Create different pages for different audiences - you choose the elements to include.

Share and network

Find friends and join groups

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