SWAP involved in refugee integration project
 <west_refugee_project_1.png> SWAPWest have been engaged in the Erasmus+ funded FETI project. This project looks to see if a model can be designed which leads to better integration of refugees, as well as increasing their digital, linguistic, language and, where needed, vocational skills. This transnational project brings together a consortium of partners with extensive and complementary expertise in adult guidance, research, training and networking. The Consortium is composed of partners from Service Senter, Oslo, Norway; Istanbul University, Turkey; and Engim Peimonte Associazione, Turin, Italy. The aims of the project are to engage with refugee and asylum seeker adults to encourage them to self-assess their core competences with a view to planning for a return to education or entering the labour market.

Intellectual Outcome 1, ‘Local Needs Study’ was led by SWAPWest. The second outcome was led by our partners in Oslo, Service Senter and related to the development of a new model and structure for academic and vocational offer as well as a mapping tool of those resources which partners felt best matched what was required. Intellectual Outcome 3 focuses on the production of a Skills Development Guide and Package which would be useful to Adult Education providers and labour market counselling agencies in assessing the core competences of the target groups. The fourth intellectual has been based on the development of a Whole Systems Approach/Framework, building on Outcomes 2 and 3. Finally, Intellectual Outcome 5 seeks to produce a Best Practice Guide for the resources and materials to be made available to interested organisations across Europe to achieve the most efficient and effective results using models that have been tried and evaluated with different types of agencies and a fairly large number of the target group.

Project staff have been working hard to establish links with refugee organisations and to disseminate the findings across a wide range of agencies with good results from these activities. This has led to delivery of the workshop model to client groups in these agencies and arrangements made for annual delivery in the future beyond the lifespan of the project. Engagement with SWAPWest through this medium should convert to future enrolments in SWAP programmes as the benefits of the programmes are explained to the target groups.
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