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SWAP East is a partnership of colleges and universities in the east of Scotland that aims to promote and support access to higher education for adults.
To find out if a SWAP access programme is for you, read the information for prospective SWAP students on the National page or contact SWAP East (Mon-Fri 9-5).

The SWAP East team
Lesley Dunbar: Director
Nick Hutcheon: Coordinator
Anna Reynolds: Administrator

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Preparation for Higher Education (Prep for HE) is a fundamental part of what you do as a SWAP student. Every programme includes at least one unit of personal development, which is intended to support you in the development of knowledge and skills that will help you as a student in higher education. The new online SWAP East Prep for HE materials are designed for that purpose. You should work through them all over the course of the year. 

The links to the online modules are listed here:

Student stories
Intro to Prep for HE
Applying to university
Critical thinking
Academic writing for arts, humanities, social sciences and nursing
Academic writing for science and engineering
Using evaluation and feedback
Making the transition to university
The self-reflection materials in Word are here:

Study Diary
Taking Stock 1
Taking Stock 2
Taking Stock 3

In addition to working through the online materials, Prep for HE includes many other activities, which include attending SWAP Study Skills events and university open days, engaging with Peer Support Volunteers and doing the Prep for HE work assigned by your college.
Student Photo
After a career of 22 years, I was at a loss what to do with my life after losing my job in 2011.  I was a single...
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Student Photo
“Dream big for the long term” For me as a person who couldn’t pursue school education beyond the...
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Student Photo
I left high school after sixth year aged 17 years, with loose ideas of going to university but no real interest in...
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Student Photo
After another gruelling 12-hour shift, I sat down and started scrolling through Social Media. Work life had gradually...
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Dundee and Angus
UHI North Highland
UHI Moray
UHI Orkney
UHI West Highland
Newbattle Abbey
North East Scotland
UHI Perth
West Lothian
UHI Inverness
UHI Shetland

SWAP East access programmes are currently offered at all these colleges. The nature of these programmes varies from college to college and can also change from year to year.

our programmes for details of current access programmes.
Edinburgh Napier
Scotland’s Rural University College (SRUC)
Robert Gordon

Highlands and Islands (UHI)
St Andrews
Queen Margaret

All of our partner universities  consider applications from SWAP students.

Use the progression route finder below to look up degree programmes available to SWAP East students and check out which access programme is the most suitable for your degree choice.

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