News for 2022

Are you interested in a SWAP access programme but want to study remotely?

UHI Perth is offering on-line SWAP programmes  for remote learners, designed for adults living in Scotland who do not have easy access to a college campus.

Class times are fixed and students must be available to be on-line at set times during the week. The Humanities programme has routes into primary teaching, social work, community education as well as many different social science subjects at universites throughout Scotland.

New for this year is their Access to Health & Life Sciences programme. This study can lead to lots of different degrees in the Life and Biological Sciences field as well as pathways into some of the allied health profession degrees. Click on the links below for further information on these on-line programmes.
UHI Perth Access to Humanities
UHI Access to Health & Life Sciences

Also new for 2022
Edinburgh College's Access to Languages with Business is going on-line for 22/23. This programme is only offered at Edinburgh College and with remote delivery, will be accessible to students living anywhere in Scotland. Click here for more information and how to apply.
SWAP Access to Languages with Business

For information on which degrees these new programmes can lead to, click 
here to access SWAP East's degree search.

The Access to Medical Studies programme at Edinburgh College now has a progression route to Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. This is in addition to routes to Medicine at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen; to Dentistry at the University of Dundee and to other degrees at Scottish universities such as oral health science, veterinary bioscience, biologicial and biomedical sciences. 

Are you living in the north-east of Scotland & looking for routes into some of the Allied Health Profession degrees?

North East Scotland College is offering a new SWAP Access to Allied Health Professions programme. This will give people living in the north-east of Scotland the opportunity of a pathway into Robert Gordon University's degree courses in Paramedic Practice, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Midwifery. 

Also at NESCol, the Access to Medical & Life Sciences has been given a new access route to Dietetics at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. 
General Information

  • All programmes are full-time, running from August/September to May/June. 
  • Level is SCQF 6.
  • SWAP 'profile grades' are based on continuous assessment, not final exam results. 
  • The programme you do determines the courses you can progress to - see here.
  • Please  read Is SWAP for me to make sure you are eligible to be a SWAP student.

Click on the links below for more detailed information on SWAP access programmes in each subject area. 


Read what students from previous years have to say about their experience on SWAP access programmes. Click here

Programmes 2022/23

Borders College Access to Nursing
Dundee and Angus College Access to Social Sciences (Gardyne)
Access to Life Sciences (Kingsway)
Access to Nursing (Gardyne)
Access to Nursing and Social Services (Arbroath)
Edinburgh College Access to Nursing
Access to Arts, Social Sciences and Primary Teaching (Milton Road)

Access to Languages, Arts and Social Sciences (Sighthill)
Access to Languages with Business (Online)
Access to Life Sciences (Sightill)
Access to Physical Sciences (Sighthill)
Access to Engineering (Midlothian)
Access To Medical Studies (Sighthill)

Fife College  Access to Health and Life Sciences (Dunfermline)
Access to Arts, Humanities and Primary Education (Dunfermline)
Access to Nursing (Dunfermline, Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy and Levenmouth)
Access to Engineering (Glenrothes)
Newbattle Abbey College Access to Arts and Social Sciences Incorporating Primary Education and Celtic Studies 
Primary Education Access to HE (SWAP)
North East Scotland CollegeAccess to Social Sciences, Arts and Education
Access to Medical and Life Sciences
Access to Nursing 
Access to HNC Social Services
Access to Engineering
Access to Allied Health Professions
UHI Inverness Access to Nursing
UHI Moray Access to Nursing
UHI North Highland Access to Nursing
UHI Orkney Access to Nursing
UHI Perth Access to Humanities (Online)
Access to Nursing
Access to Science
Access to Health and Life Sciences (Online)
UHI Shetland Access to Nursing
UHI West Highland Access to Nursing
West Lothian College Access to Biological Sciences
Access to Nursing
Access to University (Social Sciences) 
Access to Teaching
How to Apply

To apply to any of our programmes, you should apply directly to the college at which you want to study via their online application system. Click on the programme link above to go straight to the college website.

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