SWAP Student Profiles

 <profile_example01.jpg> Your SWAP Student Profile will be produced by your class tutor in collaboration with the rest of the teaching team at the end of the academic year, based upon their observations of your performance, as well as their assessment of your potential for successful study in Higher Education.  

The profile acts as an enhanced reference from your college to your chosen university, and features three key areas which have been agreed as being relevant to the particular area of intended study.  

NB: Completion of the Prep for HE unit is a requirement for progression to university. Although your class tutor will give you guidance, you may be required to keep up with your Prep for HE work in your own time (outwith your college timetable). You certainly will be required to show evidence of completion come June. 
The features which are likely to characterise performance at each level are summarised below.

Three Key Areas:                                                                                                       
1.  Ability to handle text (comprehension, critical analysis and retention)
2.  Fluency of expression (both written and oral)                  
3.  Overall performance                                               

Profile Grades: 
For each of the above Key Areas, your tutors will agree a letter grade, in accordance with the outlines below:  

Very able overall performance, suggests degree level work will be well
within the capabilities of this student. 
Features which may characterise this typical performance:      
  • Clear understanding of tasks set     
  • Clear and thorough preparation/organisation in tackling tasks    
  • Focused solutions/analysis/criticism which draws upon knowledge and understanding from a range of areas     
  • Critical evaluation of approach to tasks 

Able overall performance suggests degree level work should be within the capabilities of this student.
Features which may characterise this typical performance:     
  • Substantial understanding of tasks set     
  • Competent approach to the preparation/organisation needed to tackle tasks    
  • Acceptable solution to/adequate analysis of problems set     
  • Competent handling of material     
  • Ability to evaluate approach to task     

Overall performance suggests degree level work may be within the capabilities of this student, but Higher National level work may be more appropriate.
Features which may characterise this typical performance:      
  • Understanding of task may be variable     
  • Quality of work is occasionally below standard     
  • Tasks are not always executed in most appropriate manner     
  • Key elements are not always given due importance     
  • Sometimes requires additional direction


If you'd like to see what a completed profile looks like, you can download an example SWAP Student Profile here. 

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