SWAP Induction

- SWAP Induction: 

Shortly after the beginning of the academic year, a member of the SWAPWest team will visit your class to induct you into SWAP formally. You will be asked to
complete the online registration for SWAP before we visit. Your college tutor will help you with this. 

During the induction, you will learn more about what it means to be a SWAP student and you can ask any questions you may have about the programme. You can view (or review) the SWAP Induction information by downloading a copy of the Power Point presentation below.

SWAP Induction 2017-18 (Power Point presentations):

SWAP Induction for Access to Humanities/Social Science

SWAP Induction for Access to Nursing

SWAP Induction for Access to Science/Medical/Health

- Welcome Packs

Before (or during) your SWAP induction talk, you'll be given a copy of the SWAP student welcome pack, which may also be downloaded from the links below:

SWAP Student Welcome Pack & Learner Agreement:
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