Spark - Community Resource Tool Kit


The Spark Community Resource Tool Kit aims to engage with adults who have long been away from formal education environments, and with community practitioners who guide and support adult learners, to aid in the progression to further education. 

The programme builds upon work done by the CALL West (Community Access to Lifelong Learning) project, the uDecide project and earlier community engagement and "preparation for college" work of the Scottish Wider Access Programme. 

The programme consists of three components: 
- Videos
- Worksheets
- Guidance notes

There are five sessions outlined (see links on left) and although they are arranged to flow in order from Session 1 to Session 5, you may opt to run only the sessions you think are most relevant and useful. 

In each session, participants may: 

- Watch a brief video (or videos)
- Complete the relevant worksheets*
- Receive guidance

The videos are brief (generally around 8-10 minutes each). They are not designed to provide all of the answers per se, but to encourage reflection and discussion of the issues surrounding the decision to return to education as an adult, to raise awareness of existing support services that are available, and to encourage action.

The worksheets may be completed as a written exercise or, if preferable, used as a basis for reflection and discussion, either in a one-to-one guidance session or as a group activity. 

Upon conclusion of each session, learners should decide whether or not to continue with the rest of the programme. Some may be ready to take action (e.g. to contact a local college or submit an application), while others may wish to continue with the sessions as outlined.

All participants should be encouraged to begin identifying their own support needs and, with guidance, to identify possible sources of support. The SWAPWest team are very happy to be contacted for additional information, guidance and support. Our telephone number is 
0141 564 7206. 

Before running a session:
Before running a session, you may wish to arrange for internet access (in order to watch the videos online) or you can request a hard copy of the videos from the SWAPWest team (see contact details below).  The hard copy (DVD) can be viewed on any computer equipped with a DVD drive (but not on a stand-alone DVD player).  

You may also wish to download the required number of relevant worksheets and read the guidance notes for the session before you run it.

If you have any questions or need help with accessing any of these materials, please contact the SWAPWest team at the number below. 

SWAPWest Team: 
0141 564 7206 
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