David Paterson
Access to Languages with Business
After studying for two years at Edinburgh College sitting for a French Higher and Advanced Higher, I learned that I could possibly qualify for university by doing an Access course at SWAP East.  

This was of great interest to me and, as I was already at Edinburgh College studying, the application process was straightforward. I duly applied and was accepted in 2017-2018. I have to say the access course was an invaluable experience without which I would never have been able to qualify for university or graduate in 2022 for the B.A. Honours in French after 4 years of study at the University of Stirling.  

During the SWAP course I found it was extremely useful to return to subjects I have had previous experience in such as Mathematics, English, Business et al. The training on essay writing and grammar and in general the preparation the course gives you to prepare for university, I found that we as a group were better prepared than many school leavers at university.  

Going back to studying at college or university is something that we must accept is not the easiest of processes due to our own  previous training and we need to adapt to new methods of learning. However,  in order to succeed one must have the will power to do the work that is required and accept that without the SWAP course I would never have been able to complete or be prepared for the university journey I was about to go on ­– my advice to anyone thinking about taking a course such as this is to go ahead and do it, you will never spend such a quick year of study that is self-gratifying and self-rewarding from which rewards will naturally emanate.  

Thanks SWAP East!

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