About Prep for HE

Every SWAP East access programme includes at least one unit of personal development, which is intended to support you in the development of knowledge and skills that will help you as a student in higher education. This is a compulsory part of the core skills component of your programme. 

SWAP Prep for HE Materials

Preparing yourself for studying in higher education also involves reading through all the information and guidance on this website, participating in SWAP study skills events, attending university open days and communicating with SWAP students who are already in higher education.

We also recommend completing the following 'Top 10' Open Learn short courses online:

1. Reading and note-taking - preparation for study
2. Essay and report-writing skills
3. Developing good academic practice
4. Using a computer for study 
5. Succeed with learning
6. Extending and developing your thinking skills
7. English: skills for learning
8. Talk the talk
9. Succeed with maths - part 1 (For more Science, Maths and Technology courses see here)
10. Succeed with maths - part 2 

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