- College Induction:
Induction in college is usually quite an informal process. You'll meet your tutors and get to know your new classmates. There may be "icebreakers" and a bit of fun to make everyone feel more comfortable. You'll find out what you need to know about your college and its facilities.

- SWAP Induction: 
Some time during the first few weeks of the academic year, a member of the SWAPWest team will organise a visit with your class to induct you into SWAP formally. You will be asked to complete the SWAP Induction module in Prep for HE (PHE01) and register as a SWAP student before we visit (your college tutor will help you with this). The induction is a chance for you to meet the SWAPWest staff and to find out more about what it means to be a SWAP student. If you have any lingering questions about the programme, you will be able to get them answered at induction. 
- Council Tax Exemption or Reduction 
Most city Councils will provide some relief in the form of exemption or reduction in monthly council tax payments for full-time students at college or university. Check with your local Council Tax office to find out. If you qualify, you'll need to fill out a form and have it stamped or endorsed by the college to confirm your student status. 

Things to think about: 
- Study Skills
You are a student, not an expert (yet!), so no one expects you to know everything already. While it's normal to feel a little nervous about being a student again, you should be patient with yourself and remember that the skills you need will develop as you go along.

- Academic Support
If you need extra one-on-one support with written assignments, numeracy or computer skills, you'll be glad to know that help is freely available from staff within your college. They may be called "Effective Learning Advisers" or "Student Learning Support" or something similar, and it is their job to help you develop the academic study skills you will need for successful study. 
What you can do: 
  • Make an appointment with your college's student support centre 
  • Ask about workshops or support sessions that may be offered
  • Make an appointment with one of your college's advisers to discuss any concerns you have 

- Preparation for Higher Education (Prep for HE)

Beginning in September, you will begin completing Prep for HE modules that will help you become prepared for university-level study. Completion of the Prep for HE unit is the best way for you to ensure that: 

              * you get the most out of your learning opportunities
              * you make the right choice of course and university
              * your application to university is as good as it can be
              * your study skills are strong
              * you feel confident about moving on to university

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